Howie Mandel says he understands Meghan Markle’s point of view and that she has a very legitimate problem

‘Deal or No Deal’ host Howie Mandel gets Meghan Markle’s woes: ‘It wasn’t fulfilling’ By Leo Kelion and Nick Thomas

Radio presenter Howie Mandel has revealed that he and Meghan Markle ‘disagree’ on the deal but that he has ‘no regrets’ being Meghan’s partner and’she is wonderful’.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Mandel said he understands Meghan’s point of view and that she has ‘a very legitimate problem’.

The talk show host explained that Meghan and her dad ‘had different positions’ on the agreement.

He said: ‘Obviously I understand her point of view, which is why I agreed to be her husband.’

‘I don’t regret that. She is wonderful.

‘I think she did the right thing in choosing somebody. She’s a very legitimate problem and it was a matter of getting the house in order.’

Mandel said that he and Markle ‘have had some difficult times’ and he was’stunned’ that she had to leave the mansion they had bought in the Seychelles.

He added: ‘I loved being her friend and being with her in Paris and I don’t regret that. She is a beautiful, smart, interesting, fun person and she’s a very good friend to everybody.’

Mandel said he doesn’t know if they would ever get back together but that he loves the fact that Markle is ‘a woman’s best friend’.

He said: ‘I’d love to do it again because she is a fun woman and I adore her.

‘I’d like to love her forever and I might.’

He explained that he was nervous about the ‘brave and tricky’ situation Markle has been put in but that he would help her through it.

He said: ‘I will always help anybody if I can.

‘I’d do what I could.’

Mandel, who lives in New York, has been Meghan’s co-presenter on the television series for the past 18 months. The pair met at a party in London after they were introduced by mutual

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