Why People Dress Up As The President of the United States

Op-Ed: Halloween’s Celtic roots are a lot spookier than witches and candy bars

A month after the election of Donald Trump, here in Oklahoma, a large part of the population feels left behind. The fact that their governor is pushing a school voucher program that will provide students with taxpayer funded tuition at any public school in the state, shows just how divided we are. Meanwhile, the Republican Congress has just introduced a bill that would make it a crime to tell people not to celebrate Halloween. What’s Halloween without dressing up in some costume and going trick-or-treating?

Well, it was pretty cool to see all the children I know dressed up as their favorite superheroes and aliens, even Batman, in costume. But it seems like only on Halloween do you see the people of color dressed up in costumes. It’s one thing we saw on that day when everyone dressed up as their favorite Disney princess like in the parks, but it’s quite another thing for people to dress up as the President of the United States to a place like Disneyland. It’s not like people who do that are doing it for a lark. It’s because they’re hoping that their costumes will bring back the values of their race.

It was the first one of those on Halloween. I dressed up as my favorite superhero who just happens to be a White man. It felt good. I felt like I was taking my family out dancing and having a great time. It was a wonderful experience and I can only hope that someone else will do the same on Halloween. If not, I guess I won’t miss it much since I don’t believe in the holiday anyway.

I was in a local store the other day when I saw someone dressed up as Trump’s press secretary. It looked like she actually had her hands bound and tied in front of her. It seemed like a lot of people did it, like I was just in a bad neighborhood. I guess it’s not surprising that people would dress up as the President of the United States to celebrate one of the greatest holidays of all. It’s not too far-fetched anymore.

When I was in college, Halloween didn’t really mean anything to me. My mom used to dress me up as a clown and when I was 10 years old, I was in my “Halloween costume” and was walking around my neighborhood. My neighbor saw me out in front of our house and yelled at me. I looked

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