Flooding in Dapchi kills at least 949 people

More than 600 killed in Nigeria’s worst flooding in a decade

The flooding of southern Nigeria over the past two days has killed at least 658 people and displaced over 27.4 million (30.5 million households).

The flooding was worst in the Zamfara State capital Dapchi, where at least 949 have died, according to local authorities, the International Committee for Nigerian Red Cross (ICNCR).

Nigerians have been struggling to recover from the flooding that started late last week. The rain has not ended and more than 22 centimetres of rain have been recorded in the capital Nigeria.

The flood waters have inundated Dapchi, killing hundreds of people, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to the Daily News.

Two of them narrated their version of the tragedy before speaking with the DAPPI emergency management official.

According to the witness, the flood waters had not completely engulfed the city when residents found the waters rising to a height of two metres.

The water was also finding its way into buildings, particularly the school in Dapchi.

“In my house, the floor was floating. Water was finding its way everywhere,” said a teacher, Mr Ushola, before speaking with him about the situation.

They said that the floor of the house began floating after rain had started. “In my entire house that is why I have dispensed with my things like my shoes and clothes as it became impossible to even stay on the ground.”

The eyewitness said there were more than 20 people missing.

“Many children were trapped under the water. Some people could not reach them because the water was rising higher. Many people who were rescued from the water were taken to the hospital. Only people with money and power and those living in luxury homes were able to go back home.”

Another woman, Mrs Yami, narrated how she was trapped in her home when the water got higher and she could not leave her home.

She said that when the flood waters came, she

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