Maggie Fisher, 22, is a bullied mother who wants to withdraw from school

The Ontario government has given Maggie an ultimatum: the disabled teen can lose her funding or her independence, and she will be forced to withdraw from school.

The government, in a court document filed in Lindsay on Friday, gave Maggie’s mother just three weeks to make arrangements so she can no longer attend her Grade 9 and 10 students in the Toronto District School Board’s Lindsay school.

Maggie said she believes she is being punished for doing the proper and best thing for her daughter, even if that means losing her funding.

“I don’t want to send her to a school that isn’t safe, that isn’t healthy for a child,” said Maggie, who also suffers from anxiety and depression. “My primary concern is for her at this point and my secondary concern is for her. I’d like to make sure we’re doing all the best things for her and not hurting her.

“My daughter is going to do the best that she can in school and this would give her that opportunity.”

Maggie told CBC Toronto that she learned of the decision last Wednesday. The school board is set to take a vote on it on Monday.

“I haven’t heard anything, but I’m thinking this is just as they are trying to make me a bad person and trying to make me a bad mother,” she said.

Fisher, 22, had previously announced a withdrawal from school. She said she had an issue with some of her classmates who bullied her and wanted to ensure that was not a part of the decision process to withdraw.

“I’m going to miss this school, but I understand their concerns,” said Fisher. “I can get some counselling and I can go to other schools, so I have to consider my options.”

The school board has not yet heard back from Maggie on whether she will withdraw from the Lindsay school.

“It’s too late for that,” said Maggie. “The board has voted on it and now I have to make a decision on what I want to do.”

If Maggie withdraws from Lindsay, she will have to enroll in another school.

“The board is going to send me to another school and it is going to be on the same campus as Lindsay,” said Maggie. “But I know I’m not a bad person

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