San Francisco’s City Water System Shut Off for Five Days Due to Flooding

Rain lingers over parts of California from big, slow-moving storm clouds moving across the area. The storm system moves slowly through the state, but it has already made its presence felt across the Bay Area. It has flooded streets, caused power outages, and has caused a lot of rain and wind damage to the region.

It’s been a wet and windy weekend for the Bay Area, and the area remains under severe weather warnings and watches from the National Weather Service for several major storms that are moving through. More rain is on the way for the region and a wet, windy pattern looks to be headed through through Monday. The storm will have the potential to be a nuisance, with potential for isolated power outages.

The latest NWS warnings and watches are in effect through midnight Sunday, May 25. A new round of watches are in effect for much of the Bay Area through Saturday night, May 24.

San Francisco’s city water system shut off for five days due to flooding

San Francisco’s city water system is shut off for five days due to flooding from the Bay Area’s third major storm in a week. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is asking residents to conserve water until the reservoir is back up to full capacity. The reservoir is at 42 percent capacity. City officials are also encouraging people to use rain barrels to collect rainwater to make water storage more resilient.

“While we anticipate normal conditions for the next several days, the severe weather that has impacted our City will last for a few more days,” said Mayor Lee. “The entire City of San Francisco is working to ensure that the City’s infrastructure, including drinking water and wastewater facilities are prepared in case additional severe storms occur.”

Officials report that the City’s storm event water treatment plant is working and it is continuing to pump drinking water from the City’s underground water system.

The reservoir system at City’s treatment plant is “fully functional” and pumping capacity for city water storage has doubled, said Mayor Lee.

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