Indonesia-Malaysia World League match in ruins after stampede

129 dead after fans stampede to exit Indonesian soccer match

Reuters Staff

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KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – The death toll from an anti-government protesters’ stampede at a match in Indonesia’s capital in which hundreds of fans were crushed under a concrete slab is expected to range between 48 and 100, police and stadium officials said.

Sections of the roof were in ruins following Saturday’s stampede at the Indonesia-Malaysia World League (Wl) match which forced around 1,300 fans to seek refuge in the stadium, although there was no immediate word on whether there were any serious injuries.

Police said 48 people, mostly men and women, had been rushed to hospital, including several who were in a critical condition. Three who remained in the stadium and others who were at nearby shopping centres were expected to attend hospital but were not considered to be seriously injured. One of those who died was believed to be aged in his thirties.

The stadium was full of damaged fans and debris following the stampede, according to the stadium’s management officer, Anang Siregar. Siregar said about 300 fans had died and several thousand had been injured.

The death toll was expected to rise, according to stadium officials.

The match ended in a draw, leaving the top four and bottom three teams in that league, with the results in their hands. The third place team will take it at a home game in September.

PENANG, Malaysia, Aug 21 (Reuters) – A massive stampede in the second half of a World Cup men’s U-21 match Saturday in Malaysia left more than 600 fans injured after a concrete slab fell during the match, officials said.

The stampede happened near the Penang Stadium, about 25 miles (40 km) southeast of the capital Kuala Lumpur. Police said more than 100 people remain in serious condition after being sent to hospital.

It was a rematch of the final at the same venue in 2014 between eventual champions Thailand and Germany.

The match, originally scheduled for Sunday, was postponed after an incident in the third minute when hundreds of fans rushed the field wearing red T-shirts, carrying flags and chanting anti-government slogans.

“Fans had to step over the concrete barrier to get in and many

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