The Horror of Ghost Stories

Hollywood ghost stories: Keanu Reeves, Kendall Jenner and more stars detail scary encounters

A ghost or two. They say actors can’t be too careful when it comes to ghost stories. But the Hollywood legend tells us these days it’s almost a cliché, isn’t it?

In a recent feature for Time, movie star Keanu Reeves discussed the frightening details of the ghosts he’s encountered over the years. The actor told how he’d had a horrifying experience in 2010 when a ghost came at him with a baseball bat and tried to kill him.

Reeves revealed he’d been sleeping in a friend’s home in California before the horror happened. He woke up with a strong feeling that someone was following him. He took a shower and then went to his friend’s room where he says he smelled a very strong stench.

Reeves said he couldn’t see anything but he felt something was watching him. He called his friend who said he needed to go in the bathroom. The actor said he opened the bathroom door and saw a large, black creature standing there.

Reeves said the creature tried to bite him and he tried to fend it off with his left arm. The movie star claimed he managed to push the creature away with his right hand and then hit it in the face with his left hand to knock it out cold.

The actor said he had a long and scary experience with another ghost in 2015 when he was shot and killed while filming a film in New Zealand. Reeves said he was driving a car and a man appeared and attempted to kidnap him. The star said he grabbed the gun and shot him.

Reeves recounted a third experience in 2011 when he and his wife were shot up by terrorists who also killed his mother. He said he found out what happened later by accident.

“These guys came and shot up my house,” he told TIME. “They were trying to get me out to kill me.”

Reeves said he and his

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