Jackie Calmes: A Conversation with a White Man

Jackie Calmes: Ron DeSantis proves that cruetly is a Republican trait; he is not a Trump voter

By Jackie Calmes

The following is an abridged version of an exclusive interview with Jackie Calmes, on Thursday, December 13 2015 in her office in Lakeview, Florida.

When was that interview? I can’t even remember. It must have been in the spring of 2015.

What was he (Trump) wearing? I’m pretty sure it was a pair of black trousers and a plain white T-shirt with a slogan on it.

What did you think of him? I thought he was an idiot and also that he was just another politician trying to show off.

How long did the interview last? It was probably about an hour.

What was your first impression about him? Just his looks. He’s like what’s going to happen if he becomes president.

Can you describe him? He was just one of the typical white guys in Florida — average size — and a little skinny.

What was the most memorable quality? He was extremely arrogant.

What about his style? He was very talkative, and he was talking about himself.

What did you think of his views? He appeared to be an idiot who would be president.

What would you wish people remembered about him? He was talking a lot, but he didn’t say a whole lot. If he had said anything, I would have liked to hear it.

Do you think that is characteristic of his supporters? It’s kind of a stereotype to talk about yourself — I don’t think it is.

What is his favorite saying? I think it’s, “When they go low, we go high. When they go high, we go low.”

What do you think about his supporters? Of course, they are mostly poor and unemployed, and he won their vote, but I don’t think they are that stupid or that stupidly arrogant.

What do you think of his policies? At first, it was nice to have a little federal aid for their schools. This is something that they want. But I always thought that the government didn’t pay for it. It was like the government was taking a cut of something else.

What about his views on immigration? I guess that everyone had the same views, but it is not my favorite. I don’t want to vote

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