Nancy Pelosi was attacked in her own home while alone

Paul Pelosi tricked intruder, alerted cops before being beaten with hammer, police say

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was home alone Wednesday morning when she was approached by someone who came inside her home and attacked her with a tool that was “a bit like a hammer,” police said.

The intruder, a man, broke several of her teeth, ripped a piece of her lip and repeatedly punched her in the face, according to police. The would-be attacker then left but returned and struck Pelosi in the head with a bottle, leaving her with what the police called “significant injuries.” Her injuries resulted in her being taken to a hospital, where she was treated for her injuries and released.

Police said the burglary began around 6:30 a.m. and occurred in the 100 block of West 17th Street, where Pelosi lives with her husband, House majority leader Xavier Becerra.

Pelosi was in the living room of her home where she was sitting on the floor with a pillow when the attack occurred, according to K Street police spokesman Officer John Delkus.

“It was when we were doing a crime scene search that we found her,” Delkus said Wednesday.

Pelosi has been on medical leave since she was injured during the melee, leaving the role of ranking Democrat on the House appropriations committee. Pelosi was at home, according to police, only because she had been working.

“She did a lot of her work the last couple of weeks at home,” Delkus said.

The Los Angeles district attorney’s office will handle the burglary investigation, which is being handled by the LAPD’s Robbery-Homicide Division.

Nancy Pelosi was attacked in her own home while alone. How on earth did her attacker get into her home in the first place?

It was a woman who has a history of violence, including a 2002 battery of three women when she was a city supervisor.

You cannot fight crime without a strong criminal justice system. The police are supposed to be accountable to the public. They are supposed to maintain order, they are supposed to investigate their own.

There are some things a person must

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