The City Council is Getting More Attention

Calendar Feedback: City Council column belonged on front page

The front page of the Aug. 28 edition of the Daily Review, The Daily Review, has a column entitled “City Council Feedback.” Below is the column:

Thank you to our reader’s for your comments of support of the downtown area of the city, with your comments of suggestions or concerns. I have had a chance to look at some of the comments you have forwarded to me from the downtown area.

It is clear to me that while there are differences of opinion, there is also a level of consensus among downtown citizens in our City Council race. And I am pleased to say that there is now a good understanding of where we need to go.

One thing that is clear is that we all want to see the downtown area revitalized. We also all want to see it done in a way that does not hurt a certain set of people. That is why I have supported efforts to keep businesses in the downtown core, while also being open to new ideas and those that would bring more life, vitality, and dynamism to the city.

We have been asked to continue to take care of business as it has been, while at the same time continue to look for new ways to make our town a more attractive place to live and work. What is clear to me is that the citizens living Downtown and having businesses in their area, want all three of these things to continue. I think that is a good thing for us all.

The question then is, how we go about doing that.

The citizens of our city have been asking for new leadership for three years now, and it seems like their concerns are being heard. It is not, however, their suggestions that are being heard.

What they have asked for is new leadership, the city manager and elected officials.

They have asked that new leadership bring the focus back to our city and to our downtown. They have asked that leadership bring fresh ideas and innovative ways to make our city a more viable and exciting place to live and do business.

Now that this is happening, we can begin to move forward, as a unified group. That is what we are hearing from the citizens. I

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