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Will John Tory’s ‘prudent’ leadership be tough enough to tackle Toronto’s big issues if he’s re-elected?

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Mike Blair – The Toronto Star

There was no shortage of questions in the first week of Premier Mike Harris’ campaign for a third consecutive term Wednesday night.

The man himself was asked to respond to the allegations of inappropriate behaviour that have been made by a woman who had previously worked for him.

There was also a question about whether his party had fallen short of meeting election promises.

It was that latter question that caught the public’s attention and led to the Premier’s first post-election briefing Thursday morning.

“I’ve been in office three years now and my job is the biggest job in the country,” said Harris, as he stood behind his podium and smiled. The meeting was not a campaign event, but the one where his chief of staff, Michael Wernick, put Harris’ answers to the public.

The Toronto Star is launching a new series: Unsung Heroes: Inspirational people, events and organizations that are making a difference. In this series, we’re highlighting people and organizations that are doing extraordinary things with their impact on our world.

“The people in this room are the most important group in the country. It’s the majority of us who will decide on who is going to be the next premier of this great province of Ontario,” Harris said.

The campaign for the Toronto mayoral election is off to a rousing start with more than 700 candidates set to appear on the ballot Friday. Candidates will be vying to replace incumbent Rob Ford who stepped down Friday, and who has led the party since 2010.

The candidates are all vying for the top job in the city, but most of them will have to fight for a spot on

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