Brady and Gisele’s Marriage Was “Perfectly suited”

How Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen finalized their divorce under the radar, expert explains

On Sunday morning, the New York Post published an op-ed penned by Gisele Bündchen, in which she defended her ex-husband Tom Brady, a quarterback of the New England Patriots. In a piece that’s just over 600 words, Gisele wrote that she is “truly over Tom.” The post, and the subsequent backlash from Patriots fans who have been unhappy with Brady’s alleged infidelity for days, has sparked a debate online about why the two stayed married for so long.

Bündchen’s defense has been met with a wave of criticism from Brady supporters, who pointed to comments from experts who explained why Tom Brady’s and Gisele’s marriage was able to last so long.

As far as we can tell, every one of these experts who’ve defended Brady and Gisele has taken an alternate approach to the issue of how the couple is able to keep their marriage together under the cloak of a constant media spotlight.

The most well-known of these experts is Harvard Business School professor and author of the “Power Couples” book, James O’Brien, who told reporters he believes Gisele’s decision to divorce Mr. Tom Brady was the result of “a strategic marriage that worked well for both of them.” The reason for this was the fact that Brady’s and Gisele’s relationship was “perfectly suited,” making them “the ideal marriage partners for each other.” [1]

O’Brien then proceeded to explain what he meant by “perfectly suited,” stating that, according to his research, women who are in relationships that “work well” for them are much more likely to stay married to their spouse compared to women who are in relationships that aren’t “fit for the job.”

The question at hand for Brady supporters is, what does the research

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