BTS’s First Solo Concert in Four Years

BTS presses pause to join military with plans to reunite in 2025

By Yoo Hyun-Jin

February 3, 2017 – 12:57 GMT

BTS has been together, and their future has been discussed by fans on social media. The group held its first solo concert on Thursday at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.

On Thursday, the music group gave its first solo concert in four years in Seoul at the Olympic Hall, where it held a press conference for members Rap Monster, Min Kyung, Jungkook and J-Hope.

BTS’s leader Bang Yong Hwan spoke on the significance of their first solo concert. “BTS is able to live this kind of concert for the first time. We came to realize the importance of it, and we want to continue doing it,” the 35-year-old leader said the press conference before leaving on his tour bus.

Jungkook also spoke about the significance of his solo concert. “It’s really emotional. I wanted to perform solo for the first time this time. I think it’s really difficult for a solo music artist to perform for the first time in four years,” he told fans on his personal Instagram account. “So I want to dedicate this concert to my fans.”

Rap Monster also talked about the solo concert, saying, “Before, I was just practicing. Now I feel so happy. I thought I’m not really like this, I’m just playing ball. I think that I realized what I really want to do.”

On the other hand, Min Kyung was not excited about the solo performance, saying, “I’m not so excited. I think I should give up the solo concert. It’s just so difficult.”

On the other hand, BTS’s Jungkook said: “I’m excited to perform for the first time. We decided to do it.” He also said people were watching him from around the world, and that they will be able to

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