Pelosi is not going to run for Congress

Who is Paul Pelosi? A huge factor in Nancy Pelosi’s career who likes to stay out of the spotlight or even out of the news. Now she is running for Congress again. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I think that he is out of bounds. There is no question that if Pelosi wants to run again, that is their right. But she should not have to step out of her house and her family to do so.

In an interview with USA Today, Pelosi said: “The last thing we need in America is a president who is out of touch with what working people face in their daily lives. I know how hard that task may be or, perhaps, I know how tough it would be. But to fail in the most visible way is not the American way.”

I think it is. I think her trying to get elected in a primary would just be a way for them to try to knock her off.

I think the idea of Pelosi running is her “I am a woman, I am running for office” moment (even though she didn’t really run). It sets her up for another shot at Congress (and for another chance to make history).

Her career and her family have been so successful that she can afford to take some chances. It just shows that she knows what she’s doing.

She is going to go and tell people that she is running for Congress. She will not try to hide it and she will not go on the attack. She will stay out of the headlines in the hopes it will be a longshot. She will try to focus on a career as a congresswoman.

She is probably going to be on Fox. She is going to be on the news a lot. But I think it is going to work. (I hope so.)

I don’t know if Pelosi running for congress is a good idea, but I agree that she will likely focus on her career as a congresswoman even if she runs. I hope she is on the right side of history.

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