Kanye West’s antisemitic tweets are not a call for more hate crimes

More antisemitic hate seen in L.A. after Kanye West’s hateful rants about Trump

(Credit: Twitter)

In recent months, the Los Angeles area has seen a surge in antisemitic hate attacks and threats following Kanye West’s rants against President Donald Trump in a string of tweets.

Last Wednesday, West, who is both an American and African-American, tweeted messages calling on African nations to expel or kill West himself—but also saying he would donate $1 billion to West’s West Africa Initiative once he completes several goals.

“You can stop the F out of me. I will donate $1 billion to charity,” he wrote in one tweet, which he retweeted at least 14 times, each retweeting a different message by the person, including the president of the United States of America in an attempt to show how much of his money is going to people he deems “insane” and “mentally deranged.”

(This writer was informed West was actually tweeting about how to bring back the gold. But this was too confusing for the writer to track.)

West was not the first person to be targeted this way, nor is he the first to receive this type of hatred from Trump.

In recent months, a number of antisemitic hate crimes in Los Angeles have been attributed to Trump. For example, a man in Santa Monica was arrested for posting a tweet about the Los-Angeles County Human Services Agency on social media.

“We need to send these fucking bastards to Auschwitz. They are the worst,” the post read. “Bastards, f—ers, and to the Jews, and when you see the Jewish world come together, remember they are all the same. F— them all.”

Another man was arrested in July and charged with threatening to shoot Jewish and Muslim people on his Facebook page. West was also not the first person to be targeted in a series of antisemitic hate crimes in Los Angeles by the president.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey released a report on hate crimes against Jewish people in Los Angeles on Wednesday, but said it is not a call for more hate crimes.

“It is a call to all of us to ensure that the criminal-justice system is applied equitably throughout the county,” she said. “It is also

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