The Los Angeles Times Names the Third Latino Leader on the Power 40 List

Guerrero: L.A. needs a new generation of Latino leaders [Excerpt]

The Los Angeles Times has named the third in its “Power 40” list of the most influential Latinos in America. The publication’s list includes not only business, entertainment and the arts, but also philanthropy, education, fashion, health care, law and government.

The list, like all of the Times annual power rankings, is based on an analysis of the leaders, behind-the-scenes individuals and institutions who had the greatest impact on the life of the nation’s largest ethnic minority community.

The top 10 are all well-known in their respective fields with the most prominent being attorney Gloria Allred and actress Angelica Lopez of ABC Family and Fox’s “Wicked,” respectively. But as the newspaper pointed out, their success in the marketplace is often at odds with their leadership skills:

The No. 1 leader on the new Power 40 list is Gloria Allred, the civil rights lawyer who has aggressively and successfully challenged the Ku Klux Klan movement, and is among the most powerful women in the country.

But her new book tells a different story of her life. In her new book, “Gloria’s Law,” she discusses a painful childhood that led her to become the first Hispanic woman to graduate from Harvard Law School.

L.A. is full of Latino leaders. There are many who are making a difference today in the lives of people, and in the face of the many challenges facing them and the rest of the nation in general.

To view the full top 10 list, please visit the Los Angeles Times website.

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