Restoration Hardware and RH Restaurant

Why Dine at the RH Restaurant, From the Brand Formerly Called Restoration Hardware?

Restoration Hardware and RH Restaurant have different names, but they’re in the same business. Both are family-owned and operated, but they’re radically different brands. How have they fared in the past few years?

Restoration Hardware

The name Restoration Hardware is pretty much synonymous with kitchen products like knives, saws, and wrenches. In fact, one of the primary ways to differentiate from each other is the name. The name came about as a result of George Hudson Restoration Hardware, who came up with the idea after his first wife’s late husband, George Hudson, a carpenter, started using the term “restore” as a way to differentiate his company from the business of the same name.

Restoration Hardware was established as a private partnership in 1883. Over time, it evolved into a company with three primary divisions: Hardware and Hardware Supplies, Hardware Tools, and Home Design & Decor, each under the umbrella of the family-owned company.

The last century has been a very prosperous time to be a Hardware and Hardware Supplies. With high-volume sales of their products and a brand with an established marketing image, the company really made its mark with the development of modern appliances.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the company. They were able to capitalize on the mass-marketed appliances, but they were still left with the less-in-demand products like wrenches and hammers.

The problem they had was they were too big a company to operate from one location. The problem became even worse when they decided to move into furniture manufacturing and started to lose money. The company became insolvent by the early 1970s, and was sold to Harkins Industries.

The company changed its name again when it was renamed Restoration Hardware and Restoration Hardware Supply Company. Restoration Hardware has a presence in about 30 countries and still sells its products through its own sales force as well as distribution partners in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Restoration Hardware is still in it, and it is

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