San Bernardino County — More than 100 people evacuated as flood waters rise

Evacuation ordered ahead of possible mud, debris flows in San Bernardino County

No immediate injuries reported in California

Flood waters continue to rise in San Bernardino County

More than 100 people evacuated as flood waters recede

More than 50 homes destroyed in San Bernardino County

Floodwaters crest at the San Bernardino River, in San Bernardino County. Officials are urging people to remain out of their homes ahead of a potential mud, debris and other flooding that could be on the way as a low-pressure system develops in Southern California.

Floodwaters in San Bernardino County crest at the San Bernardino River. Officials said Friday that at least 45 homes in the town of Fontana have been destroyed, and that some of the homes were under 12 feet of water.

Officials said that they are urging people to avoid the Fontana area as the low-pressure system builds in Southern California.

Officials in San Bernardino County issued evacuation orders Friday for the Town Center and West Towne areas as floodwaters continued to rise above flood stage. Officials said that more than 100 people had been evacuated in the area as of Friday, with several others in San Bernardino County evacuating early Friday morning.

As of Friday morning, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office reported that at least 18 people had been rescued from the Fontana area with life jackets and ropes or life belts. On social media, officials said that nine persons had drowned and four suffered injuries from the floodwaters.

Officials also issued a mandatory evacuation for the Town Center and West Towne areas. Officials said that residents can still return, but they should consider leaving now, as the area remains dangerous.

The county announced that all schools in the Town Center and West Towne areas are being closed as of Saturday as floodwaters rise. Officials said that some parents and children are being transported to other communities. Schools in the area remain open, but officials asked parents to plan to move their children earlier than planned.

Officials said that they are encouraging residents to avoid the floodwaters. As of Friday afternoon, they said there have been no reports of injuries due to the floodwaters.

At Friday afternoon, officials in San Bernardino County said that the river is flowing in excess

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