Biden’s Party Is So Far Behind the Curve That It’s Hard to Respond

Biden’s America is the real Halloween horror story: The former vice president is so far behind on the task of defeating Trumpism that he’s got his own Halloween party to host on his old campaign plane, his book tour, and all three of the major parties at once.

In between, he’s hosting a meeting with his son about a “personal crisis,” according to a report in the New York Times. That party sounds like the kind that Biden was talking about during his campaign, with a ticket including: A ticket to the 2020 United States Democratic Presidential Convention.

So what’s going on here? Why, in his own words, is Biden spending his weekend hosting a party so far behind the curve that he can’t even begin to respond to the threat of Trumpism?

“It looks like he’s going to have to turn to the people he invited to his daughter’s graduation to find an appropriate Halloween costume for this November,” The Atlantic’s Mica Berrios warned in July.

That said, Biden and his wife Jill Biden are “very comfortable” in their own party, The Hill reported last week. “I can tell you that the vice president is not turning back,” said a senior administration official. “He’s very comfortable in his role. He really is very comfortable in his role.” And, as The Washington Post reported last week, “No one inside the White House or close to Trump is even aware of his party in his stead.”

In fact, a lot of Biden’s own party is quite aware of him, which is how Biden ended up hosting one of these events on his own campaign plane. While his party was on the campaign trail, Biden was giving speeches at all these places, including:

The Democratic National Convention

The Republican National Convention

the Democratic Governors Association

the Democratic National Committee

The Democratic National Campaign Forum

The Democratic National Party’s Summer Meeting

the Democratic National Training Agenda

the Democratic National Strategy Session

the Democratic National Speakers Series

the Democratic National Party Foundation

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