The first victims were still alive

Ryan Murphy says families of Dahmer victims didn’t respond to his team’s inquiries.

“That is a part of the problem, when families, they just don’t respond to us,” he says. “The reason I started this investigation is because I had to address the family issues in our community. I wanted to find out from the inside who these women were and what had happened to them.”

Murphy says his team made its first visit to the home of 18-year-old Dana Dolan in September. He says he had no information about her.

“I didn’t know what I was walking into with that,” he says. “I didn’t hear one word from the girls, and I had to get it from the victims.”

He says he was told Dolan was a student at Cushing High School, but that she had become involved with the Hells Angels.

During the second visit, Murphy says he encountered another victim.

“Her name is Katie. But I learned from the victim’s father that it was her first time, she had done drugs and she became involved with the Hells Angels. And he was like the worst kind of guy,” he says. “I had no idea who this guy was, and his daughter was the victim.”

He says he was told that her boyfriend had sexually assaulted several women, and her father had warned her not to come back.

During the third visit, Murphy says he found out the first two victims were still alive.

“They told me that when they were going to their high school prom and they got into a fight and they tried to kill her. These were the two girls who were alive,” he says. “The only evidence they had was a DNA off of the knife that they used. To me, that was not enough evidence.”

He says when he learned Dolan had died and the first victims were killed, his team was stunned.

Dolan’s family declined to comment.

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