Anna May Wong to be honored on the first $10 bill

Hollywood trailblazer Anna May Wong to be first Asian American featured on U.S. currency: ‘It’s exciting for Asians’

Anna May Wong, the daughter of a Chinese immigrant, was recently inducted into the American National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame.

Wong, who has acted in more than 150 television programs, including “Law & Order,” “The Wire,” “Treme,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “The Goldbergs,” “Law & Order: SVU” and “The Newsroom,” has been featured on the $10 bill, which will debut at a ceremony in January that will honor Anna May Wong.

At the ceremony, the daughter of Chinese immigrants will be the first Asian American, as well as the first person of Asian descent, to be featured on the $10 bill.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Reserve Bank of Charlotte, North Carolina, said Wong will be honored at the first ceremony honoring the first “Asian American” featured on a bill — a national event that will feature the names of more than 5,000 people who have been honored in a series of commemorative bills over the course of the past century.

“Anna May Wong will be honored alongside people from across the country who have made a difference in people’s lives because of their vision for the future of our country,” said Joanne Smith, vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Charlotte. “We are honored to have been chosen as the first recipients of the first $10 bill featuring Anna May Wong.”

“The $10 bill is a perfect reflection of our nation’s history,” Smith said. “It’s a great symbol of the ideals of freedom, the pursuit of happiness and the strength of the American people. Anna May Wong embodies all of these values and has served her country and those who follow in her footsteps with honor and distinction.”

The $10 bill is to feature the five millionth face of the nation on U.S. currency. The first $10 bill came on the scene in 1957, and has since been used to celebrate the accomplishments of over 2 million others.

“For my money, the face of the $10 bill is

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