Ontario’s Essential Workers and People Are Going to Disappear

They made doors, gum and jerry cans. Ontario’s ‘essential’ workers in manufacturing accounted for more workplace COVID deaths than any other sector — even health care.

We know, it’s a little sad, but we don’t need to hear about it — not to mention, our beloved Prime Minister is about to do something that’ll make it a little bit worse. In addition to doing his best to ignore them, he’s going to pretend that they don’t exist. Here’s how that plan will ensure that our manufacturing sector doesn’t exist at all:

Ontario’s Essential Workers are going to disappear.

Ontario’s Essential Workers and People are going to disappear. It’s a brilliant idea, but unfortunately for them, it won’t work. It’s a “solution” that’s been offered by a variety of sectors and industries to avoid the consequences of a public-health emergency. They can’t do it, so they’re getting what they came for.

The Ontario government plans to shut down the doors for everyone except for the Essential Workers and People.

How does that work? It’s not as simple as shutting down everything else except for the industries that are essential to the health of the public.

Essential Workers and People — that’s right, everybody but the Essential Workers and People. The essential industry is the only thing that can function during a pandemic.

This could mean shuttering manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing, or something else.

According to CTV, essential workers in manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing will be able to continue their job only if the government continues to subsidize their salaries. So, workers in the manufacturing industry will continue to get paid, but they’ll have to pay for their own health coverage.

For example, essential workers in the manufacturing of masks, disinfectants, personal protective equipment, and the like must pay $5,900/

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