Rep. Ed Markey’s testimony on Planned Parenthood

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On the issues: Rep. Ed Markey

Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., has become one of the leading politicians on the issue of abortion.

He was the first congressional Democrat to introduce the “Dear Colleague” letter, a form letter that urges other Democrats to sign on to the letter.

Markey was on the committee investigating Planned Parenthood for their selling of fetal tissue and abortions, and then asked that the House Ethics Committee investigate his actions.

When asked why he doesn’t use the Congressional Record for his testimony, I suggested that maybe it’s because a lot of his testimony could be found in it.

He did not mention Planned Parenthood on the first day of his testimony about his investigation of them.

But when asked specifically about Planned Parenthood after the vote that allowed the undercover video exposing their abortion practices to be released, Markey’s answer was that while he wasn’t calling for any specific action on the matter, “I want to make clear how I feel about Planned Parenthood.”

He also said he was not calling for “retribution” against them nor was he calling for the repeal of Planned Parenthood’s tax-exempt status.

“I don’t want to harm their business,” he said.

He said that he was “not a big fan” of abortion and said he personally believes in life, the Constitution, and the ability to make medical decisions on a woman’s body, and said there is a distinction between that and funding an organization.

“It’s not a matter of government versus government,” he said. “It’s a matter of what’s right.”

However, Markey said he is now going to the Appropriations Committee to try to make sure the anti-abortion funding for Planned Parenthood doesn’t happen.

“It’s a matter of government versus government,” he said. “It’s a matter

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