The US Open: The two men are in Miami

Carlos Alcaraz reaches US Open quarterfinal with late-night win against Marin Cilic

The No.5 seed was not happy with a drop, and was also irritated after his opponent played in the tiebreak on the second change of the match.

”I don’t know what the hell you think you know! We played three sets, four games, five points before the drop. Who’s the one with a reputation of not being able to play?” he shouted at Cilic, who had an up-and-down day in the final round of qualifying, but who made a lot more of an impression than expected at the Australian Open.

That he did last Sunday in Rome, when he made five straight break points against the No. 3 seed, Jankos, in their quarterfinal match. The top seed was not having it.

”I have more experience than you…I’m better than you.”

Cilic did not get it. ”You lost to him. He won the first point of the match,” said Alcaraz, who has not stopped beating his fellow countryman. ”He was the champion of Croatia last year, and I won two titles with him. He’s better than me in many ways.”

And now, with the US Open in Miami, both men were taking an intense interest in each other’s preparation. Alcaraz was in Miami for a day, working hard on his game in the evenings. Cilic was in the other city preparing for his match against Tomas Berdych, who is No.2 in the world.

At the US Open, every athlete is always looking at his opponent as a benchmark. Some may view Berdych as a little bit of a wildcard, a no-nonsense guy who plays a little too passively for his own good, but who has an extra edge for his country’s cause.

Alcaraz, on the other hand, is in Miami to win, and perhaps also to use Berdych as a potential blueprint.

”I’m going to play perfect tennis, and the only

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