Kevin de León Resigns from the San Luis Obispo City Council

Letters to the Editor: Kevin de León wants to serve his constituents. So why isn’t he resigning?

Posted: Friday, April 26, 2010

Kevin de León’s latest resignation is another in a long line of questionable behavior. For three straight days the San Luis Obispo city councilman refused to show up for council meetings or make himself available to interview in the newspaper. He has missed every council meeting the council has held as president since his appointment in 2008.

At the request of his lawyer, de León resigned from the district council seat that he has occupied for the last two years. His resignation will be effective April 27.

It appears that de León has gone back to his old ways by refusing to answer his phone when contacted by The Daily Republic.

However, the reason for his resignation can be summed up with a single word: embarrassment. The fact that he won’t even answer his phone makes a mockery of his candidacy. The fact that he refuses to make himself available to the public is an embarrassment for the voters of San Luis Obispo and the rest of the county in general.

De León ran as an independent and the voters of San Luis Obispo went with him. He is now running as a Democratic candidate supported by the county Democratic Party, even though his actions since he became a candidate make it appear he is the puppet of local Democratic politicians.

If San Luis Obispo voters are unwilling to accept him, then they deserve to see him go. Now, de León has no reason to be afraid that all of the voters in the County (or any other county for that matter) will vote against him. It is more likely that he will be defeated on the San Luis Obispo ballot because he will not answer his phone and will not make himself available to the public.

The San Luis Obispo City Council has a number of conflicts of interest and should be eliminated from the San Luis Obispo County Council.

The current City Council has an executive assistant that is a registered political lobbyist. The current City Council has an employee receiving City Clerk services for work that has nothing to do with the city. The current City Council has an employee that is the director of

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